Guide to Set up a Tent

For campers, one of the basic things to know is how to set up a tent. Of course setting up a tent is not that easy because you are going built as if a temporary house for your comfort. It’s not really easy for first timers to do this. It’s part of the camping activity to check the materials and tools for setting up a tent and check on quality tents that are suitable for the camping site. Here are tips to build a tent.

  1. Comfortable location


In the camping site, find a suitable place (flat surface free of debris) where a tent can be set up properly and safely.

  1. Place the tent flat on the ground

After bringing out the tent tools and parts, spread the tent flat on the ground where you want stand a tent.

  1. Secure the poles into the tent

The tent will either use sleeves or clip that could make the tent stand.

  1. Peg the Tent Down

Secure your tent on the ground after setting up the tent.

  1. Put the fly on the tent

It is not a must to put up a tent fly always. This is just an additional protection to you. From excessive sun rays and sometimes from rain. After all of these, you are now ready to enjoy the outdoor activities you have already prepared and enjoy sheltering yourself in the tent.

Pitching a tent is not always recommended depending on the place you go. You can used a RV like an 無人搬運車.