Recreational Areas Recommended in the US

Here are some of the recreational areas that you can spend your time at and enjoy your recreational activities.

  1. End Jenkins National Recreation Area

This is located in Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest at Georgia. This is established as a National Recreation Area in the year 1991.

  1. Byways.

United States is full of recreation areas such as this place where people can experience road trips with the fresh air. Experience the historic and scenic beauty. Try the difference of road trip from other camping site.


  1. National Forests

There are lots of National Forests by the Law of the United States. Forests are common recreational area including grasslands where breeze and clean air are enjoyed. Enjoy watching wild animals and wild plants.

  1. National Parks

These places are safe places where recreational activities can be done either alone or with groups. The places have different landscapes and geographical qualities, helpful resources. The national parks have spectacular view that can surely be enjoyed by every visitor.


  1. Wilderness Area

This places are not to be exploited so these places are protected from any destructive things but can help to understand it more.

  1. Marine Sanctuaries

Enjoy the view of marine world like oceans and lakes. You can actually go fishing and diving to satisfy your curiosity of the marine life.

  1. National Monuments

In the US, there are numerous monuments that are built in order for people to feel the historic scenario in the state. It is very interesting for people to be going there to value their culture and beliefs.