What does recreational camping mean?

Recreational camping is generally staying away from home and use tent or motorhome as a shelter. It is a momentary activity that gives happiness and enjoyment to an individual or a group. Recreational camping activities include hiking, fishing and backpacking. There are different reasons why people need recreational camping.


  1. Learn something outside your niche. Whether it is big or small, learning is very important.
  2. Be aware of what the world has. There are things that media does not present but are discovered by us when we do it by ourselves.

  1. Appreciate the true beauty of nature and supernatural things. Even if people see art as beauty, nature is still the true image of beauty.
  2. Escape from the reality of life. It is sad to say that our life is full of sorrows and troubles, sometimes the cruelty of life. We always experience tiredness from work or daily routine. Recreational camping is really a good way to escape from the reality of life.
  3. To increase self-awareness. By camping you can think of yourself, what you like, what you need, what you do not like, etc.

  1. To know other people. When camping together with others, it is very important to note their personalities and learn from them. Through camping you can be aware of their lifestyle and taste of life.