Insight: Best Camping Sites


Where do you want to camp and stay temporarily feeling the great gift of nature? Go camping for freeing yourself from tiredness or any other troublesome situations.

  1. Beaches- Beaches are very good campsite. You can hear the sound of roaring water. See breeze is also nice for you. This campsite is enjoyed by couples who enjoying their life.
  2. Grounds- Anybody can just go to a ground and build a tent for overnight sleeping or sky gazing with someone you want to be with.
  3. Mountains and Hills- When camping on a hill or mountain, hiking is also there. Enjoy hiking and view the nature’s hidden beauty. Fresh air is always enjoyed by hikers although they come to be tired but it is worth it. It’s just that these kind of camp site is a bit dangerous because of wild creatures. Although it is a bit dangerous, it does not mean that you will enjoy. It is necessary to bring weapon to protect yourself from any danger caused by wild animals.
  4. Plain- Plain is not a new place to build a campsite. In the days of war during the ancient times, plains are used for military campsites and battle grounds. It must be nice to build a campsite in this plain and do recreational activities like playing badminton and races. I think this place is really a good campsite for large groups. Large number of high school students for camping would enjoy their time since the place is wide and a little bit safe from thorny wild plants.