Camping is not just leaving your house and live in the dark and wilderness of a forest and after a couple of days you’ll be back. That doesn’t work that day. When you camp you’ll have to have a compact and concrete plan though your plan might not work you’ll have to solve it, this is one of the beauty of camping it makes you smart and adaptable to the new environment.

Leaving your house for a camping is the start of the camping itself. While leaving the comfort of your necessities that itself already makes the camping turned up.

As you reach the camping site, the first thing you have to find out is if the location it self is safe. Beware of the place you wish to camp. If wild animals like bear and snakes are profound in that place the location will make the place dangerous and will risk your life so ask for local villagers about it. Second, you have to set up the camping refuge making tents comes handy nowadays thanks to set-up camping tents. Next building up bonfire, this is very necessary at the danger of the night, animals are afraid of fire so build before the night breaks in. Moreover, this is necessary because you’ll have to cook food using this fire.

What are the things we can do in camping:

  1. Making the tent is already an activity to mesh together
  2. Making a fire with flint is not easy so it’s already a fun thing
  3. At night time, Sharing stories are good thing while burning marshmallow at the bonfire.
  4. Traveling and having adventure in the open forest.
  5. Treasure hunting in specific place
  6. Cooking is a fun thing. You’ll value the use of gas or electric stoves more.
  7. Mountain climbing
  8. Scavenger hunting (Extreme with age restriction)