Camping basically will be one of the best vacation category ever. It’s attributes and ambiance makes the vacation and stay to be dynamic and adventure. Then what are the things we have to do while having a camping.

  1. Bring only the necessary things while on the trip. You shouldn’t bring things that are not necessary while going for this trip. You’ll have to bring the basic needs such as:
    • Tent
    • Food (Recommendable to bring canned and easy to eat food, don’t bring hard to cook food)
    • Fire maker (Oil,charcoal, flint etc…)
    • Money
    • Tools for Self-Defense ( In the wild were you don’t known what happens, having these tools like bat, eye spray makes you more secure )
    • Flash light and bonfire ( To give light at night when everything seems so dark )
    • Bottled water ( Water is life. You’ll need a lot of it. There’s no assurance of clean water in the wild  )
    • Bringing map, cellphones for mapping is also good.
    • First aid kits ( You’ll never know what happens)
    • Extra clothes
  2. Consider the place you wish to camp. Beware and learn the vicinity of the places. Have a background check and see if there’s bad feedback. Ensure your safety and the security of the people you would be with.
  3. Setting activities that are not life risking should be observed for families who wish to go out for vacation. But if your an organization treasuring hunting can be good provided that you have the full equipment to perform.