Looking for the best places to have a camping. We’ve made a list about it. Check this out.

Best camping sites in 7 continents of the world:

  • Asia
    Asia is the largest continent in the world and can offer since it’s divided in gulf,peninsula or islands. So what would be arguably the best place in Asia to have a camping

Mount Pulag (Philippines)

Ever wished to wake up in the morning with the sea of clouds? or before sleeping at night see the phenomena of stars glarining in the milky way. All this is possible as Mt. Pulag boast one of the highest mountains in this world. As Philippines is still a developing country this place will take your budget just fine and yet be marveled at this place.

  • Europe
    Europeans have high standards after all the govern and influenced almost all the earth. So whatever place you go to Europe it will be a good thing.Plitvice Lakes

  • Africa

Dinokeng Waterfront, Kameeldrift

Lakes and bodies of water are abundant. Why not settle and do fishing. This place offer a lot whether at daytime or nighttime. This place boast beautiful sunrise and sunset.

  • North America

Cathedral Provincial Park, B.C.

Located in Canada, this place boast lakes, hiking and intricate mountain formation. Arguably the best place to have a camp in North America.

  • South America


Machu pichu
A historical place and ancient alien inspired. Whether it was build by human hands or inspired by higher civilization. Camp in this place and visit this ancient place to be marveled with it.

  • Australia

A national heritage in Australia. The picture already speaks for itself.


  • Antarctica

Wake up in a milky breezing cold.